Connect & Thrive: Join The Check-In

Empowering Recovery Group Flyer - Join The Check-in for Support and Growth

At The Check-in Group, we’ll come together to share our experiences, challenges, and successes in recovery. It’s a safe and non-judgmental space where you can be yourself, learn from others, and receive support and accountability from fellow members.

Our goal is to help each other move beyond shame, isolation, and addiction towards a life of meaning, purpose, and joy. We believe that with the right tools, guidance, and community, it’s possible to overcome any challenge and thrive.

The group will meet every Wednesday evening from 7-8:30 PM EST. Cost to attend each session is $50. Payment can be made via e-transfer or PayPal. 

If you’re ready to join us on this journey of healing and growth, please pre-register by clicking the link below:

Registration Form

While participation in individual therapy is not required, it is highly recommended to supplement the support provided by attending the group.